Gold Vermeil Energy Reminder Necklace

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Energy is infectious: both positive and negative. By understanding the kind of energy you emit, and the energy you want to attract, you can focus your attention on the areas you should spend your energy on. Allow that energy to light up your life and those of your closest loved ones.

Hold the pendant whenever you need an energy boost, and breathe deeply to allow that glowing energy into your heart and head.

Symbol Meaning

The diagonal lines represent a lightning bolt of energy, ready to light you up with the power you need.


The back of the charm is polished silver so we can engrave a few words, a date, a heart or initials.. just let us know below!

If you would like a HEART SYMBOL engraved, please copy and paste this symbol ❤ into your message

*Please double check text before submitting your order as we will engrave exactly what you write.


“gold vermeil” means that our jewellery is made from sterling silver that is coated in a layer of thick 18ct Gold. This plating may wear off over time so to ensure the longest life possible; we recommend removing your jewellery when washing your hands and showering.


Charm Approx W8.5 x H15 x D1.0mm

Chain length 16-18 inches

Comes in a gift box with the “Energy” reminder card

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