Our story

Under the Rose began life as a one-woman kitchen-table business, founded by Tracy Gray 14 years ago, after she made herself a personalised fingerprint necklace. When she wore it to school to pick up her daughters, Tracy was immediately inundated with requests for fingerprint jewellery.

Tracy tested her concept by making some pieces for the school Christmas fair, and took over 50 orders in less than two hours. And so, her first collection, Button and Bean was born.

Tracy is a personalised jewellery pioneer and launching on Not On The High Street (and a lot of hard work) quickly transformed Tracy’s kitchen table operation into a thriving business.

Tracy comes from a customer service background in a multi-national I.T. business. She used these skills, along with her creativity to build her business, with the help of local mums who joined her when demand outstripped supply. Tracy says nothing could have prepared her for how quickly her business became a success:

Tracy creating jewellery in kitchen

“I was really taken aback. I was renovating a house, I had two small children, and it was pretty chaotic for a while. But the feedback we got from customers was always so lovely and genuine, I thought ‘I can’t not do this, it’s too important to people.’  For the first year, I worked until 3am every night on my kitchen table making orders… it nearly finished me off!”

In 2012 Tracy expanded her line, to make personalised jewellery with hidden messages, and moved to a designated workshop. Under the Rose jewellery is made up of tiny inscribed messages, miniature photo charms, and Morse Code secrets. Everything’s designed in-house and most of it is made in the UK, to the highest standards.

Tracy says, “The name ‘Under the Rose’ is inspired by the place confessions used to take place in the olden days: under the rose arbour. It’s all about secret messages between lovers, though we’ve expanded it to include anyone: family members, friends, parents to children… wherever there is love.”

Tracy Gray handcrafting jewellery

Each piece in the Under the Rose collection is meaningful, because jewellery should always tell a story: you’ll remember where you got it, who gave it to you, or the occasion it marks. Under the Rose is thrilled to be a part of this narrative, and delighted to help create cherished moments made unforgettable with jewellery.

Finding a way to make her business work around her two young children was vital for Tracy, and from the start, she’s given opportunities to other mothers. This supportive environment has strengthened over the years, as they shared their children’s firsts: wobbly teeth, Nativity plays, exams and broken hearts.

jewellery studio

The Under the Rose workshop is where the magic happens. It’s where Tracy and her close-knit team design and create the jewellery, and it’s a hive of activity, with kilns, welding, soldering and engraving equipment, and everything else needed to create the most beautiful personal jewellery. There’s even a packaging and dispatching station, to create the best customer experience. Monty the office dog is there to sit on feet, beg for food, and generally be a lovable nuisance.

Tracy says creating an outstanding customer experience inspires her team.

“Because we’re marking deeply important stages of life, it’s incredibly special for our customers. The feedback is so heartfelt, it makes us all so emotional, but in a good way.”

Now, Under the Rose has an extensive range of personalised jewellery, in a wide range of designs and materials. From signature Morse Code bracelets and necklaces, to personalised pendants, and birthstone jewellery, Under the Rose has unique, exquisite jewellery for men, women, and children. It’s the personal way to give from the heart and create memories to treasure for a lifetime.