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studio mascot - Monty the dog

Studio Mascot – Monty the dog

studio mascot - Monty the dog

Meet our canine inspiration and studio mascot, Monty the dog…

I am a: Jackapoo. Mum was a rough jack russell, and Dad – a cockapoo.

My birthday: Is in October! This year, I’ll be the grand old age of one.

My morning routine is: Walking Tracy’s youngest child to school, then I go through the woods, chasing squirrels. Then it’s back home and into the car to head off for a hard day’s work.

A day in the office involves: Running full pelt into the studio to greet everyone: the girls love me loads, so I get lots of attention when I arrive. Then it’s straight into my bed in Tracy’s office, to rest for the morning.

Most of the day is very chilled, mainly sniffing around and checking everyone is happy, unless we have visitors or when the postie comes, when I energetically say ‘hello’.

monty ball

I like it when: I can help with the post, watching all the parcels going into the postal sacks.

The noise I like best in the office is: The biscuit tin opening.

In the evening, you’ll find me: Curled up with my ‘brother’, the cat Smudge.

I’d love to wear: The large silver heart would look great on my collar!

monty silver star charm

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