Men’s Engraved Message Bracelet

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A soft leather braided man’s bracelet personalised with your choice of engraved message. Comes in black or brown with a stainless steel clasp.

Something to make them smile, a discreet message of love, a special date… the possibilities are endless. We love making these so they are perfect for the person they are for, always ensuring that the recipient is delighted.

The bracelet writing is very small, and the longer the message the smaller the font. It is readable if looking closely but designed not to be read by others if its being worn.

The larger clasp on the left is suitable for up to 10 words and the small clasp on the left up to 4 small words or a hand-drawn symbol such as a heart.

Three scripts are available or we can engrave from your own hand writing. This does incur an additional charge, please do contact us via email once your order is placed.

You can choose your own custom message or one of our standard sayings:

Large clasp: ‘You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars’ / small clasp: ‘Love you’

Large clasp: ‘Always on my mind, forever in my heart’ / small clasp: ‘With love x’

Large clasp: ‘Just a little reminder I love you’ / small clasp: ‘xxx’

Large clasp: ‘My daddy, my hero I love you’ / small clasp: ‘xxx’

Large clasp: ‘Our daddy, our hero We love you’ / small clasp: ‘xxx’

Or choose a plain bracelet, no engraving.

To open lift the small clasp (in your right hand) upwards. It just slots in and out and has an internal clip for extra security!





Small 20cm.

Medium 21cm.

Large 22cm.

Leather width is 1.3 cm

Please take care when ordering sizes as these bracelets are not adjustable.

Product ID: 1809



Lovely and good value for money l Just what I was looking for!!


Your service was very good and I like my bracelet the only disappointment was the engraving
I can hardly read it, its yery faint


Very fast service and delivery


A beautiful piece of jewellery. Loved being able to give my partner something with a personal message on from myself


Brilliant yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Beautiful piece, high quality materials and great engraving.

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