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Shop with Heart this Black Friday

Black Friday Dates 18-28th November – Limited stocks on some items

As the Christmas season approaches, we’re excited to share our Black Friday plans that reflect our commitment to fair pricing, sustainability, and giving back. At Under the Rose, we believe in the power of thoughtful giving, and this Black Friday, we’re making it extra special.

Why Fair Prices Matter All Year Round

At Under the Rose, fair pricing isn’t just a seasonal slogan – it’s a year-round commitment. We’ve worked hard to keep our prices reasonable so that you can enjoy quality products without breaking the bank. This Black Friday, we’re continuing this tradition by offering exclusive discounts of up to 50% on a fantastic selection of samples, discontinued items, and special products. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued support!

Thoughtful Shopping for a Meaningful Season

While we’re thrilled to offer these fantastic discounts, we also want to encourage thoughtful shopping. We believe that gifts should be cherished, not forgotten. This Black Friday, consider the impact of your purchases. Choose items that resonate with meaning, be it a locket featuring a beloved photo, an item adorned with an engraved message, or a covert message in Morse code. Thoughtful shopping leads to cherished gifts and lasting memories.


Giving Back to Our Community

This year, we’re taking thoughtfulness to the next level. For every non-discounted product you purchase during our Black Friday event, we’ll be donating to our local food bank. We’re passionate about supporting those in need within our community, especially during the holiday season. Your purchase becomes a gift not only to your loved ones but also to those who could use a helping hand.

How You Can Make a Difference

– Explore our exclusive Black Friday category for savings of up to 50%.
– Choose thoughtfully from our range of samples, discontinued, and special products.
– Opt for non-discounted items to contribute to our local food bank donation.


Spread the Joy, Shop with Heart

This Black Friday, let’s create a ripple of joy and thoughtfulness. By choosing meaningful gifts and supporting our community, we can make this holiday season truly special.

Thank you for being a part of the Under the Rose family.