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Summer fashion trends 2016

Essential fashion trends for this summer

Summer fashion trends 2016

Throw off your winter coat: we’ve rounded up the best fashion trends of this season to get you in the summer spirit.

Laidback is the name of the game. Whether it’s boho suede, fun logo t-shirts or loose slip dresses, we’re embracing comfort and effortlessness – and making it look good.

“This year is about making small additions to your wardrobe,” freelance stylist Jenna Riddle says. “A baseball tee, flares, minimal accessories: it’s about keeping it simple. Think California girls, who aim to spend more time outside than preening inside.”

suede trend

Suede had a huge moment last winter, worn in deep aubergine hues, but the 1970s staple works just as well in the summer.

“A tan suede skirt with a white t-shirt requires so little effort but is so chic,”

Jenna says. The addition of suede fringing will give it a real nod back to the ‘70s festival days.


Borrowing from the same decade, reinvented denim has also become a summer go-to. Jenna says, “Denim has had a fashion upgrade. Think patchwork, rips, stripes. When it comes to jeans, skinnies just won’t cut it anymore. Instead embrace a frayed edge and a kick flare.” Stock up at Topshop, who have denim in every which way.

slip dress trend

It’s not just the ‘70s we’re throwing back to this summer, but the ‘90s, too.

Slip dresses have become the ‘it’ thing in recent months and, with the right accessories, can create totally different looks.

“Slip dresses work Kate Moss-style – aka going the bare minimum on a Friday night – but they function equally as well with trainers and a bomber jacket,” Jenna says.

Bardot-top-trendFor those who prefer a more modest flash of flesh, meet your new summer fling – ‘Bardot’ tops. No longer just a look reserved for French starlets (they’re named after the one and only Brigitte), off-shoulder tops are the perfect way to get a tan, and then show it off. “A hint of brown shoulder is the ultimate show of feminine sexiness,” Jenna says.

“Team with mom jeans and brown sandals for everyday style.”

t-shirt trend

Mastering this new laidback cool doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a whole new wardrobe. The slouchy t-shirts you wear to bed have become street style de rigeur, with a particular focus on logos and retro brands. “Ringer baseball-style t-shirts are having a major revival and, combined with denim, conquer two summer trends in one look. Not bad for a humble tee!”


To complete this summer’s chilled sartorial vibe, accessorise with colourful, barely-there bracelets made from thin chains or cotton string. “Even if you’ve never hit the waves before, you can channel your inner surf girl by layering bright colours on your wrist. As an added bonus, they also make your tan pop!” Our Morse Code bracelets, which come complete with fun tassles, give that perfect beach goddess feel.

Forget about what’s happening with the weather, it’s what’s happening in your wardrobe that’ll have you smiling this summer.

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