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Personalised Men's Bracelets

Why men wear bracelets

Personalised Men's Bracelets

The Vikings knew a thing or two about jewellery. No, really: they may be better known for carved boats and hats with horns, but the Viking man was partial to wearing jewellery, particularly bracelets. Made out of silver, pewter or bronze, these accessories were simply more about making the Jorvik male’s wrist look good.

The bracelet may not have been embellished with stones or jewels, but it was imbued with a meaning that meant something to the wearer.

Skip forward a few centuries, and that meaning can relate to family, such as with this personalised men’s leather bracelet:

Personalised mens leather toggle clasp bracelet

The bracelet was a sign of wealth, of success, of belonging to a community or tribe, and even of trends. Archeologists can use the carvings on unearthed male jewellery to determine the time period in which the jewellery’s owner lived.

One day, who knows? Perhaps we’ll be dated in the distant future by archeologists in terms of the spring/summer, and autumn/winter trends we adopted. For this autumn/winter – and Christmas – 2016, leather is the thing with which to make a statement:

Personalised mens adjustable message bracelet Mens double wrap engraved bracelet

But it’s not just the Vikings – male jewellery can be traced back a long time before then. Prehistoric man was thought to wear naturally sourced adornments, such as shells, on his wrist, as a form of protection from evil spirits.

Today, the popularity of personalised bracelets for men resonates with some of the key reasons as to why male bracelets were worn in the distant past: namely, an indication of belonging to a tribe. In other words, your family. There’s nothing like showing the world how your family has appreciated a personal milestone, like this personalised beaded bracelet:

Personalised mens bead bracelet

Wearing a personalised bracelet on your wrist works on two levels. Firstly, you’re showing, ‘I belong to a family, a clan, an individual or group of individuals who have shown their love and affection with this token.’

Secondly, the bracelet can protect you from the evil spirits of a commute… Not sure? Well, there’s nothing like being on a rush hour, away from home, and then catching a glimpse of your bracelet that reminds you of the things you cherish.

The train may be packed, but there’s that little bracelet that can make you feel a little glowy inside, and happier to be where you are.

And that accessory can hold a secret message that’s only known by you and your family, like this morse-code bead bracelet:

Men's morse code bead bracelet

Personalised bracelets do not, however, minimise the risk of train delays!