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Under the Rose

Spring clean your silver jewellery

If you love jewellery as much as we do, (and we know you do!), you’ll have noticed that sometimes, your favourite bling loses its shine. Any jewellery can get a bit grubby or dull after a while, especially if it’s silver that’s tarnished. Good news is that you can clean any of your favourite pieces easily yourself. There’s no need to buy special products – you’ve probably already got the equipment at home.

How to clean silver

Sterling Silver is often the most noticeably “dirty” as it tarnishes over time. though generally, it’s not really “dirt” at all, it’s simply the silver reacting with the air or your own skin oil. It’s also good to mention at this stage, tarnishing does not mean the silver isn’t the finest .925 sterling silver – even the best quality silver tarnishes. There’s no escaping chemistry!

We do sell a silver dip on our site but you can actually clean your silver really easily at home the natural way –  just using baking powder, salt, aluminium foil and hot water. and best of all, there’s no scrubbing required!

Here’s what to do:

  • take a plastic container and line it with aluminium foil
  • place the silver objects in the container, ensuring they are touching the aluminium foil
  • add 1 teaspoon of baking powder (bicarbonate of soda) and 1 teaspoon of salt to a jug
  • add hot water to the jug and mix it all together (careful it will bubble up)
  • pour the mix over the jewellery so it’s completely covered and leave it for 2-5 minutes (for really tarnished items you can repeat this a few times)
  • remove silver items from the liquid, (with tongs or wait till the water has cooled), rinse in clean water and polish with a soft cloth


How about stopping your jewellery getting dirty in the first place? …… Here are a few tips to ensure your jewellery stays in tip top condition for as long as possible:

  • Take your jewellery off before spraying perfume or body spray on your skin, or when using moisturiser or any skin products.
  • Leave your jewellery somewhere safe when swimming in the sea, whilst working out or when in the bath or shower. And NEVER wear it in a hot tub!!
  • Storing your jewellery in pouches will minimise the air flow and therefore slow the tarnishing process, as well as protecting it from knocks and scratches. We supply our jewellery with little zip bags with an anti tarnish tab inside to keep things looking beautiful!
  • Store your items in a dark and cool place.
  • Wear your jewellery often it’ll tarnish less! ?