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Under the Rose
Father's day gifts

Something secret for Father’s Day

Father's day gifts

There are gifts that get given, and there are gifts that are wanted. It’s Father’s Day on the 19th June, and you can tell: the shops are stocking up on socks. It’s about time we moved things in a different – more stylish – direction so that this year, gifts will actually be cherished, rather than lost in the wash.

Personalised jewellery and accessories prove a big winner not just with dads, but also the children as well. It’s a whole process, where the children can get involved in creating a treasured gift.

So what would they like?

There’s always the classic jewellery pieces leather or silver bracelets and cufflinks:

father's day leather bracelet silver cufflinks with baby photo

Or something a little different like personalised collar stays and key rings:

silver personalised collars personalised photo charm keyring

A special secret message

You can also make it an extra special gift by using our morse-code personalised jewellery collection, that allows messages to be inscribed on a bracelet that are then decoded by the recipient – effectively creating a secret message that only the giver and recipient understand:

daddy leather bracelet  father's day bead bracelet

Don’t make it just another Father’s Day; make it a special day to cherish.

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