Under the Rose
Under the Rose
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My September Birthstone – Lapis Lazuli

The deep blue of Lapis Lazuli is a universal symbol of wisdom. It is a stone of truth and honesty, and has been a symbol of royalty, power and spirit for centuries. Used extensively in the jewellery and robes of kings and queens of old, lapis lazuli is a beautiful and powerful gemstone- it is said to activate the intellectual desire of the mind and is a perfect stone for anyone in a position of leadership.

Birthstones have been around for centuries. The earliest reference to certain precious gemstones representing the twelve months of the year actually appears in the bible!

The traditional way of wearing them was to own jewellery in all twelve and wear a different one every month- each gemstone signified a quality or power that it could give the wearer. The custom of wearing only one stone throughout the year, symbolising the birth month of the wearer, is relatively new – the earliest it’s been traced back to is 18th century Poland.

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful gemstone. Typically midnight blue and flecked with gold, it’s often compared to the night sky. The gold flecks in the gemstone also make it a gorgeous addition to gold jewellery, which is why a perfect September birthday gift is our Gold September Lapis Birthstone Hoop Earrings (shown above).

It is also a stone with a lot of power. Associated with royalty, wisdom and inner peace, it is often said that by wearing lapis lazuli, especially when worn near the head, (in earrings or on a necklace) it clears the mind and activates certain intellectual powers, as well as inspiring confidence. Wear this powerful birthstone with pride in our stunning Gold September Lapis Lazuli Birthstone Necklace.