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Under the Rose
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Morse Code Secret Messages

Finding unique personalised gift ideas can be tough so we’re here to help! Our collection of morse code jewellery makes for a meaningful yet original gift. You can send your own personal message through dots and dashes on our stunning morse code bracelets or necklaces. We will send you a translation card with the jewellery so that special someone can open it and enjoy discovering the message. A simple message can say a lot, whether it be ‘I love you’ or ‘Proud of you’, your loved one can wear it everyday and forever be reminded of you.

Our range of morse code jewellery is all handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and designed for both men and women. The secret message typically reads from the clasp side and provides deeper meaning to a gorgeous piece of jewellery. It’s amazing how jewellery can be a reminder of a happy memory, carry the name of a loved one or be a daily encouragement. Morse code is a powerful tool that allows you to create a stylish pattern of dots and dashes whilst also carrying a secret, personal message.

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