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Jewellery Layering: Six Tips To Get You Started

Layering jewellery is a fun and stylish way to accessories your outfits day to night, which is no doubt the reason why it has grown in popularity. In this blog we will share with you some of Under The Rose’s top tips for layering your jewellery!

1. Know your length

In the jewellery world there are a number of standard lengths, most of which we use at Under The Rose. To help you layer your jewellery better, we have summed up each length below. Knowing your jewellery length can help you to plan your looks before you purchase, making sure the necklaces you choose have space to stand out!

13″ is the ideal length for chokers. On most people it sits on the lower part of your neck. At Under The Rose all our chokers come with an extension chain to make sure they’re a comfortable fit.

16″ sits across the collar bone and is an excellent place to start when layering, if you prefer not to wear chokers.

18″ is two inches longer than the previous length. We recommend two inch gaps between each of your necklaces to avoid chains getting tangled. In general 18 inches is the best and most comfortable length for medium sized pendants. If you are layering three short necklaces together, it’s the last necklace in the tier.

20″ is perfect for pendants that are slightly larger, for example our silver quote necklace looks great at this length.

24″  is also suited to medium to heavy weighted pendants such as our Maxi shape necklaces.

30″ if you have large more heavy waited pendant they usually look great at this length layered over a comfy jumper.

2. Try something new

Why not combine an old favourite with something new. You can revitalise an old piece of jewellery by layering it with a complimentary new piece.

3. Tell a story

If you have a creative spark you may find that telling a story is a unique and inspirational way to construct your jewellery. For example in the image below we have four different pieces of jewellery that carry a unified theme, based around the saying ‘you are my sun, my moon and all of my stars’. We’ve also added a trendy twist by combining mixed metals!

4. Have fun

Finding the perfect combination can be difficult and although it can be satisfying once you have sussed it, remember that it’s also important to wear what you love. At Under The Rose we design jewellery to become a favourite within your jewellery collection to enjoy wearing everyday.

5. Create Balance

Balance can be formed in a number of different ways. Too much of one thing can cause an in balance, so to create it try using opposing details. If you have a large statement piece of jewellery try balancing it out by layering it with a more delicate item.

6. Start with something simple

Starting with a thin chain necklace gives you a brilliant base to layer up your necklace tiers. This bobble chain choker is one of our top choices for layering.


We hope these tips have got you excited about layering and we can’t wait to see how you layer our jewellery!