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How do we get your fingerprint for personalised jewellery?

Fingerprint jewellery is rising in popularity. You can get a completely unique piece of jewellery from a loved ones fingerprint and carry it wherever you go. Wearing a necklace, ring or bracelet with your loved ones fingerprint has a lot of sentimental value, which is why it’s a great gift for anyone.

Personalised fingerprint jewellery combined craftsmanship, technology and emotion into your collection, allowing you to carry a unique part of a loved one around everywhere you go. At Under the Rose we have a range of jewellery with fingerprint customisation, from gold oval necklaces, to stunning rings and completely custom bracelets.

How do we turn a fingerprint into a personalised piece? In this blog post you’ll find out.

custom gold fingerprint necklace

Why get personalised fingerprint jewellery?

A personalised fingerprint piece of jewellery is a gift that works for all occasions. It captures the essence of a loved one, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come. It could even be a gift to remember a loved one you have lost, having their fingerprint with you will bring them closer.

  • Unique Personalisation: Unlike mass-produced jewellery, personalised fingerprint jewellery is entirely unique to the individual. Each piece is crafted using the actual fingerprint of the person you hold dear, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. This level of customisation adds a special touch that cannot be replicated. According to research done by Deloitte, 36% of consumers are looking to buy personalised products. 46% of 25-30 year olds attracted to personalised goods and services.
  • Emotional Connection: Fingerprint jewellery allows you to carry a tangible reminder of your loved one with you at all times. Whether it’s a spouse, child, parent, or friend, having their fingerprint close to your heart creates a powerful emotional connection, offering comfort and solace during both joyful and challenging moments.
  • Symbol of Remembrance: Personalised fingerprint jewellery serves as a beautiful tribute to those who have passed away, allowing you to honour their memory in a meaningful way. By wearing their fingerprint as a pendant, ring, or bracelet, you can keep their spirit alive and feel their presence whenever you glance at your jewellery.
  • A Token of Love: Giving someone personalised fingerprint jewellery is a profound expression of love and devotion. Whether it’s a gift for a partner on your anniversary, a new mother celebrating the birth of her child, or a thoughtful gesture for a friend going through a difficult time, fingerprint jewellery symbolises the depth of your affection and commitment.
  • Versatile Design Options: Our Personalised fingerprint jewellery comes in a variety of designs and styles to suit every taste and preference. We have necklaces in a range of styles, and in different types of metals as well as bracelets for both men and women and rings!
  • Timeless Appeal: Unlike trendy fashion accessories that may lose their appeal over time, personalised fingerprint jewellery is timeless. Its enduring significance transcends fleeting trends, ensuring that it remains a cherished heirloom passed down through generations.

Personalised Fingerprint Necklace Jewellery

At Under the Rose we have a wide range of personalised fingerprint necklaces. They are an amazing gift for anyone looking to add something special to their necklace collection.

The Personalised 9ct Gold Oval Charm Fingerprint Necklace is a perfect centre piece for any look. It’s elegant, high quality and the 9ct gold oval shape gives it a timeless charm. Not only can you put a loved ones fingerprint on the necklace, you can also add a name to the back. We have similar versions of this but the fingerprint is in different shapes, you can also have a star shape, a heart, or a double overlapping heart which needs two fingerprints.

Another great personalised fingerprint necklace is our Personalised Fingerprint Photo Locket. This is similar to the gold oval charm but it’s a locket with a fingerprint on the front, and we’ll fit an image for you inside along with a custom area for text. Another custom product that really will stand out as a keepsake gift forever.

personalised gold locket

Personalised Fingerprint Bracelets

We also have a number of personalised fingerprint bracelets, for example our Men’s Personalised Leather Hidden Fingerprint Bracelet. This unique mens bracelet allows three fingerprints on the inside (hence the hidden bit!), as well as a message. It’s the perfect gift for a father with two kids and his other loved one. Or you could have 3 friends or three other loved ones. It’s made of soft woven, Italian leather with a steal clasp,

Another popular personalised fingerprint bracelet is our Mens Adjustable Leather and Silver Fingerprint Family Bracelet. This unique bracelet allows you to add up to  6 charms, each of these allow a fingerprint of a loved one as well as a personalised message. Each of the charms are solid stirling silver and the bracelet is made from leather. This is the perfect gift for a father or husband on his birthday or father’s day.

When it comes to making your custom fingerprint jewellery, we have a team of people that check your fingerprint image looks good and shows enough detail.

personalised mens fingerprint bracelet

Personalised Fingerprint Ring

Another great personalised gift is our Silver Fingerprint Classic Signet Ring. Whether it’s an imprint of your own fingerprint or that of a loved one, it shows enduring love that stands the test of time.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the classic signet design of this ring is fashioned from high-quality sterling silver, boasting a smooth and polished surface that serves as the perfect canvas for showcasing the intricacies of the fingerprint it bears.

This is a great gift for anyone, Father’s Day, an anniversary celebration, a birthday surprise, or simply as a declaration of love, the custom fingerprint ring holds a weight of emotion.

silver custom fingerprint signet ring

How do we capture your fingerprints? For a personalised jewellery piece

The process of capturing your fingerprint is easy, you only need a few everyday items. A pencil, paper and clear sticky tape.

First get your paper and pencil (preferably a 3B soft pencil) and fill in a section on your paper. Make sure it’s big enough to cover your fingerpint and the section is completely filled in with the pencil, shade in the section multiple times to make sure you cover it all.

Make sure you wash your hands well, you don’t want any marks, hairs or dirt coming up on the keyring. Then dry your hands well. Press your finger onto the filled in section from your pencil, keeping the finger in the same spot, roll it around for a few sections.

When there is a good amount of graphite on your finger, place your finger onto the sticky side of your sticky tape. Make sure this is done on a level and firm surface. The finger print should transfer onto the tape, leaving a clear copy of it.

Repeat this process as many times as you like until you are happy with a print. We recommend you use your index finger as its normally the most defined but you can use any finger you like.

When you are happy with your prints, double check again to make sure the the lines are clearly defined. You can place your finger on the sticky tape without adding more pencil for a lighter and more defined imprint.

Place the sticky take with your print onto the white paper and take a close up clear image of it on your phone. Make sure it’s fully in focus and the full fingerprint is on the screen.

When ordering your custom fingerprint keyring attached the image of your fingerprints and order! Make sure you also add your custom message.

As we hand make all of our products, it may take up to 4 days before we can make it and send it to you!

At Under the Rose, we use laser engraving as this allows for the highest quality of detail.

how to send fingerprints

Why is fingerprint jewellery so popular?

The reason why fingerprint jewellery is so popular is that each piece will be completely unique to the individual, no two piece will be the same. In an age where it’s so easy to get jewellery from anywhere in world, a custom piece of jewellery holds more value compared to mass produced. A fingerprint piece of jewellery also holds emotional value, it could be a way to remember a lost loved one, or a once in a lift time gift.