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Galentines Day – 4 reasons you should start celebrating

We were first introduced to Galentines day in 2010 when Lesly Nope the main character of American comedy Parks and Recreation arranges a brunch with her female friends to celebrate their friendship. Thanks to social media this idea started to become mainstream, with more and more girls gathering their girlfriends together on the 13th of February (The day before Valentine’s Day). Being an all-girl team at Under The Rose we can’t help but think this is a great idea, so here are our reasons why you should celebrate.

1. 2018 The Year Of The Female

In the last few years we have seen huge steps taken towards equality. Since the year began (100 years since women were given the vote) we have seen numerous strong and inspirational women in the media, supporting the Time’s up movement with symbolic gestures and speeches at the Golden Globes and Grammy’s.

2. They’re always there when you need them

Where would we be without the strength and support of a strong group of friends, ­so why not treat a friend that is always there for you. This beautiful set of silver Morse code bracelets was made for our studio manager Katherine. They both read ‘’I love you sis’’



3. They make you laugh

What better way to spend the evening than with your friends laughing, we all know laughter is the best medicine.



“The most wasted of days is one without laughter”


4. To catch up

With everyone having such busy schedules sometimes we find ourselves going long periods of time without seeing our friends. So why not take a break, relax and catch up on a day dedicated to friendship.



If you’re convinced here are a few things we recommend to celebrate:

Arrange a night in with great films and a bottle of prosecco.

Meet for brunch or afternoon tea.

Spoil them with a gift.