Under the Rose
Under the Rose

Time to trust your inner compass


Every single day, every one of us makes endless decisions. These decisions run from the mundane and boring to the terrifyingly life-changing, and yet all seem to leave us searching for direction. We go to others for guidance, and offer our own help to others in turn, but do we ever take the time to stop and listen to our own sense of direction?

Setting off on a new life path can be a scary experience – how do you know which way to turn? Sometimes all you need to do is remember to trust your heart and your intuition and go your own way – which is why our Inner Compass Pendant Necklace is the perfect gift for anyone starting something new. Starting a new job, a new school, moving into a new home or starting a new stage of your life can create a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about the countless choices you must make.

This is where our inner compass comes into play. It’s our spiritual decision-making centre, compromised of the gut, the heart and the head. When well-wishing friends tell you to ‘listen to your heart’ or ‘go with your gut feeling’, they’re actually presenting you with very good advice! When difficult challenges come our way, our best source of guidance often comes from within us. Tune in to your true feelings and listen to your inner self – trust your inner compass.

For many, the end of summer opens up a new path – you or a loved one might be continuing education at a higher level, starting a new job or a similar new adventure that brings plenty of excitement and yet plenty of trepidation. It’s at times like this that we want to seek out guidance from others – those with experience or knowledge, those who are close to us, or those who’s judgement we value the most. It’s always great to have a different take on a situation, but what we have to remember is to not rely too heavily on the opinions of those around us. As a reminder to follow your own truth and judgement, why not engrave your name on the front of our Inner Compass Pendant Necklace? A longer message can be engraved on the back, allowing for a mantra, or a sentence you live buy to be included. Let this necklace be a reminder of the power you have to follow your own path, whichever direction in life you choose to take.