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christmas gifts for him

Christmas gift guide – for him

christmas gifts for him

This is the year: the year where the present you buy for the man in your life rocks his world. This is not the year for socks: it’s the year for a personalised accessory that shows how much you care for both him and his style.

Christmas Gifts for your Husband

A silver bracelet, or a leather one? Can’t decide? Go for both… And add that personal message in morse code for an intriguing and unique way to showing him how you feel. ‘Love you always’ is quite nice; ‘unload the dishwasher’ might not quite fit…

mens personalised morse code bracelet

A personalised silver keyring is a great way to beautify one of life’s little essentials. Here, there’s the option to engrave the keyring in your own handwriting, so that the message is even more unique. A personalised keyring makes coming home a little more special: a sweet little reminder to your husband that he’s cherished.

engraved silver keyring

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Christmas Gifts for your Dad

Pity the dad. The shops seem to hit them the most with lots of ‘novelty’ Christmas gifts, like ties with reindeers and weird beer. Leave those for next year… Surprise him with something that he’ll actually love, and wear, like an engraved leather bracelet. It’s a great way for the kids to get involved in buying a present that has an all-year appeal, with a message to tell him how much he’s loved.

engraved mens leather message bracelet

Personalised cufflinks are an ideal way to uniquely finish off a suit. These silver cufflinks can be personalised with photographs of your choosing – they could be pictures of the kids, grandkids, or even Mum and Dad. Or it could be photographs that hold a special meaning to him: the beach where he proposed; his first car; even a picture of the football ground of his favourite team (just make sure you get the right team).

personalised photo cufflinks

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Christmas Gifts for your Boyfriend

Whether it’s a long-term relationship, or you’ve only recently found each other, a personalised leather-and-silver bracelet is the most stylish way to share your feelings. Opting for an adjustable strap makes this one of those versatile presents, where your guy can fit to suit his style. And if it’s still early days, you can give him the bracelet with the silver panel left blank. A personalised message can be added for a Christmas present next year.

personalised mens adjustable message bracelet

Is your boyfriend’s style more casual? Then a miyuki-bead bracelet is the Christmas gift to make his day. And by incorporating a secret message via morse code, you can dot-dot-dash your way to his heart.

mens morse code bead bracelet

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Personalised men’s accessories are for life, not just for Christmas. Make this the year where the gift for him will mean something for years to come.