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christmas gifts for her

Christmas gift guide – for her

christmas gifts for her

Ah, Christmas… carols on the radio; advent calendars; Slade on repeat. Why spend time traipsing round the shops when there is warm mulled wine to drink and mistletoe to look out for? Make your life easier this year by going for the perfect gift that’s ideal for the wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, mum, in your life.

Christmas gifts for your Wife

She’s the love of your life, but sometimes modern life gets in the way of reminding her this. When there’s a commute to do and emails to answer, perhaps opportunities to say ‘I love you’ are not as frequent as you would like. Make Christmas 2016 the year where you invest in a gift that reminds her every minute of every day how much she’s cherished.

This necklace combines diamonds with rose gold – and diamonds are the classic symbol of love.

Why? It’s the rock that never tarnishes. What’s great about this design, is that it is also classic, which means it’ll complement her style. The spike design is also reminiscent of Cupid’s arrow, that hit you the moment you fell in love with her.

wife rose gold pave diamond spike pendant

Let morse code do the talking for you, with this personalised silver necklace. You can create your own special message, that could be unique to you both: something that reminds her of your first date, your wedding day, or a honeymoon adventure. Equally, a simple ‘I love you’ is just as effective, to show her daily that she’s the love of your life.

wife personalised silver morse code necklace

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Christmas gifts for your Mum

She’s a wonder woman, the mum in your life. It could be your own, or it could be the mother to your children. Either way, this is a woman who is a whirlwind. She loves her children unconditionally; whether they are a drawing-on-the wall toddler, or slamming-the-door teenager.

This is the Christmas to acknowledge that, yes, she really is the best Mum in the world.

A personalised photo-charm bracelet is a great way to capture in time a perfect moment. If it’s your mum you’re spoiling this year, then how about a picture from way back – when you were small. If it’s the mother of your children, a ‘first-time’ photo is a sure-fire way to hit her heart: the baby’s first smile, the toddler’s first splash in the sea. There’s nothing like a personalised bracelet with a perfect photo to cut through the noise when the children aren’t being as angelic as you would like…

mum personalised photo charm friendship bracelet

It’s great when your little ones put time and effort into crafting a Christmas present for their mummy, but no doubt she already has a pile of – albeit adored – homemade bits and bobs. And these gifts aren’t brilliant at enduring. Let your children give her a necklace that reminds her of their own unconditional love. There’s a reason why the north star is used in navigation – it offers a way to find home – so a personalised silver star pendant is a touching way to signify to Mum that she represents all that is safe and secure in her children’s world.

Mum silver maxi shine star pendant

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Christmas gifts for your Girlfriend

This is the year to impress your girlfriend with your appreciation of the finer things in life. By personalising the gift, you’ll also show her just how much you cherish her. This personalised gold necklace is subtle in size but big on impact: tailor the tags to show a message that is unique to the both of you.

Girlfriend personalised gold teeny tiny tag pendant

One particular jewellery design that has proved a big trend in 2016, is the choker. Why has this design been so popular? Because it’s classic. When it’s also crafted from gold and silver, then it’s a versatile piece that adds the finishing touch to all her outfits. It also shows you’ve got excellent taste…

Girlfriend- hugs choker necklace gift

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