Under the Rose
Under the Rose
Sterling silver choker

Chokers – Back for good

Sterling silver choker

Often overlooked in the beauty pages of magazines, the neck is one of the most elegant parts of the body.

A long neck is considered to be an integral part of a beauty aesthetic, signifying elegance and decorum – a beauty value taken particularly seriously by the Kayan women of Thailand, who decorate and lengthen their necks with coils. In our Western culture, the easiest way to give the impression of an elegant neck is with a turtleneck jumper, but it’s not an everyday look for everyone, and it’s not exactly the party-dress get-up you want for this season of celebration. A more versatile look can be achieved with the choker.

Seeing the 1990s reappear on the catwalk, albeit in a more restrained manner, was nostalgic – particularly when chokers resurfaced. The elegance of Uma Thurman in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction – with her short, black bob and red lipstick – was made complete by the choker she wore. And chokers in 2016 seem to be the go-to accessory for off-duty supermodels.

Whether or not you can remember the 1990s (or are trying to forget them), the choker is one of the more stylish reimaginings of that decade for this year.

Slim and subtle, the choker is that chic cocktail of being both classic and on-trend. One key upgrade to the design is incorporating colour but in a way that whispers elegance rather than screams ‘90s girl power:

Tutti Frutti choker

Lanvin’s spring/summer collection for the year included wide strips of adorned material as chokers, but if this is too much for the high street, you can opt for the less overwhelming look, in classic silver:

Silver nugget choker

Christian Dior followed a similar vein this year with wide chokers, but these were turbo-charged with circular designs. Go for a similar style, with something more discreet, and in keeping with the focus on elegance:

gold eclipse choker

The choker is that little addition to your jewellery box that you’ll find you keep coming back to, regardless of the decade or trend. View our new chokers collection.

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