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Best Photo’s for Lockets

Your locket will become truly personalised when it contains your treasured photos. This delicate job is completed by us as part of your purchase. There’s real joy in adding that special photo to your locket and that is definitely where we should begin.

Start with a photo that is special to you. The best photos for lockets are candid, good quality pictures. It might not be a perfectly posed shot but it should capture the moment, just like a memory.

Consider the size and or shape of your locket. If more than one person is in the photo make sure their heads are close together. Remember that the photo size will only be between 12-15mm so make sure it’s light and in focus.

Think outside the box. We add images for many reasons. A special location or landmark or your furry friend. Our photo editing tool allows you to ensure that your photo fits perfectly in the locket and can be cropped and zoomed, or changed from colour to black and white. Give it a go!


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