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father's day jewellery gifts

A Personal Twist on Father’s Day Gifts

father's day jewellery gifts

Today we’re giving you the scoop on Father’s Day gift ideas, with a personal twist. We think jewellery and accessories should have meaning – and nothing carries meaning quite like a personalised inscription, a loving message, or a photograph of a loved-one.

But don’t just take our word for it! In the spirit of Dad’s special day, we’ve had a chat with our wonderful customers about their favourite pieces of men’s jewellery and accessories from our collection, to find out what makes them the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

We wanted to know the story behind each specific piece, and more importantly – what memories each item of jewellery evokes. We love finding out what makes our designs uniquely personal to our customers, and we think you will too:

men's bracelet father's day

Understated But Personal: Men’s Satin Clasp Bracelet

Sam chose our men’s personalised satin clasp bracelet as the perfect Father’s Day gift for her dad. With its antique brown leather and brushed steel magnetic clasp, it’s a top choice for men who like an understated style in their accessories. But for Sam, it’s far more personal than that:

“I chose this because my dad would love it. The personalisation is discreet, and it will sit nicely next to his watch. But the reason I love it is because it brings up lots of memories for me; I’d have my nickname on there which he’s been calling me my entire life.

For Sam, fatherhood means three words: Hero, Strength, and Love.

Morse code mens bracelet

Secretly Sentimental: Morse Code Bracelet

We love that our personalised men’s leather morse code bracelet can be customised with a hidden but still meaningful phrase, and so does Caitlin. She chose this bracelet for Father’s Day because:

“It contains a private, secret message just for Dad, making it extra-special. It makes me think of the things only we’d know about; moment’s we’ve shared together and the fun we’ve had.”

For Caitlin, fatherhood is summed up in three words: Connection, Loving, and Unconditional.

father's day personalised men's necklace

Stylish and Thoughtful: Men’s Simple Silver Quote Necklace

The handmade quality and organic look of our simple silver quote necklace were the reasons Nick chose this piece for his dad this Father’s Day. But it’s not just the stylish aesthetic that appeals here – we absolutely love what Nick has to say about the way this piece evokes personal memories:

“The soft ripples of this piece reminds me of skimming pebbles at the beach with my dad when I was younger.”

Nick thinks fatherhood can be summed up in three simple but powerful words: Support, Guidance, and Advice.

Large photo charm keyring

Close to His Heart: Personalised Photo Keyring

Our personalised photo charm keyring is Maddie’s choice for her dad this Father’s Day. We love it’s sleek design and solid silver charm (plus the generous dimensions allow for a lovely photograph) but Maddie chose it for a far more personal reason:

“It reminds me of all the places we go together. It’s something he has with him all the time, reminding him that I love him (especially when he picks me up from friends!).”

For Maddie, fatherhood is Fun, Reliable, and Understanding.

Although Father’s Day is fast-approaching, there’s still time to buy the main man in your life something that he will adore. What pieces from our stylish men’s jewellery collection would you choose for Dad this Father’s Day?