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New year motivation jewellery

A beautiful way to stay motivated this new year

New year motivation jewellery

2017 is the year of many things, not least the Chinese year of the Rooster. According to tradition, the prominent energy is ‘yin’ and if your star sign is Virgo or Libra, you’re going to have a great time!

It it’s simply the year to make small changes in your life, then that change requires a spark to set it alight. That spark is motivation, and that’s something that benefits from a constant reminder of your new resolution.

‘Actually, I can’

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in an everyday accessory that reminds you to keep committed to your resolution.

That resolve to give up that mid-afternoon cake-in-the-office?

Easier to maintain if there is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a message to remind you to keep firm to your lifestyle tweaks, use our personalised jewellery builder to create your perfect piece.

Design your own personalised jewellery builder

‘Bright side’

The decision to see the glass half-full instead of half-empty? A beautiful silver tag necklace, personalised with just that message, will help you to see every silver lining on any clouds.

Personalised sterling silver teeny tiny tag necklace

‘Go for it’

Personalised jewellery is a wonderful gift to give to others, but somethings the best gift is to yourself. Make that new year’s resolution even stronger by treating yourself to an engraved silver bracelet that can help you keep committed.

Personalised silver identity bracelet

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