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Measuring for Men’s Bracelets

One of the biggest problems of buying a bracelet for a man is knowing the size to purchase.

How to measure a mans wrist for a bracelet

The best way to get this measurement is to use a measuring tape or a piece of string to measure the size of your wrist to find the exact size. You should measure just above the wrist bone. We use this measurement plus 1 – 1.5cm depending on the fit required. So if you measure 18.5 cm we recommend ordering a 20cm. If you are trying to order in secret then perhaps measure against a watch strap laid flat to where it’s done up, or secretly to use a piece of ribbon!

how to measure for mens bracelets

But we understand its not always possible, so we have designed this gorgeous silver charm and soft leather bracelet that can easily be shortened at home, and new charms can be added at any time. It can be personalised with names, dates or locations – great for growing families or to recording wonderful moments and milestones.

Video on how to shorten a bracelet at home



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