Sequin Sun Silver Necklace

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Celebrate your love of shimmer with our Sun Sequin Charm Choker. A fabulous necklace for romantic getaways, summer festivals, and chic city breaks, it is made from sterling silver and beautifully embellished with tiny handcrafted charms inspired by the sun.

With each charm finishing by hand, our Sun Sequin Charm Choker is a beautifully detailed piece that quietly demands attention. It includes an extension chain for length-adjustment and a classic lobster claps for quick and easy dressing. A lovely gift for your sister, best friend, or fashion-forward mum, this Boho choker necklace guarantees to be an eye catcher.

This item can have a tiny personalised tag added to the lobster clasp. The tiny tag is designed to have a 10 character message of your choice engraved onto it. For example it can be engraved with a name, a significant date or short message.

Comes in an Under The Rose Gift Box


Sterling Silver

“gold vermeil” means that our jewellery is made from sterling silver that is coated in a layer of thick 18ct Gold. This plating may wear off over time so to ensure the longest life possible; we recommend removing your jewellery when washing your hands and showering.



Length 14-16inchs


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