Personalised Silver Morse Code Bracelet

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What better way to send a message! Using a combination of Morse code dots and dashes we can spell out a message, word or name in bracelet form. Beautifully crafted, our range is made in solid sterling silver and the bracelet, though delicate,  is of  a lovely weight and features a white jade bead at the clasp.

Popular choices are two strands with ‘Love you’ and ‘Mummy’, or each strand personalised with a child’s name. Up to five strands can be added to each bracelet making them truly unique.

Just write your word or message in English (a maximum of ten characters per strand, no translation required) in the box provided and we’ll do the rest!

Adjustable length at 17-19cm.

All our items come boxed with a booklet detailing the Morse code and the secret message disclosed for the recipient.

Make it special. Make it personal.



Sterling Silver


Size 17-19cm

Product ID: 82



Bought this bracelet for myself, it fits perfectly and I wear it all the time.
Easy ordering and quick delivery, very happy with my purchase.

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