Under the Rose
Under the Rose

I Carry Your Heart ❤️

Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you will fly.

My eldest daughter leaves for University this September. I really wanted to embody the spirit of freedom and discovery and growth in something that was beautiful to wear.  To nourish that spirit with the power of love. And so our Wings of Love Heart Pendant was born.

Flying away can be the result of so many things. It can be about making a new start or embarking on a new challenge, it can be as simple as a temporary change of scene or as dramatic as a whole new life in a whole new place. It may be straightforward, it may be complicated.

We can’t help with the logistics or the planning and we can’t solve those annoying problems that will inevitably occur along the way. But we can provide a symbol of support and hope and love and a constant reminder that you are not alone.

If someone close to you is about to spread their wings – or even just flap them a little – let them know they have the power of love with them every hour of every day. Give them a reason to smile when things are rough and a sense of security when things are in turmoil. Feel confident that you are giving something that looks as beautiful as the message it carries.

We know that a few well-chosen words can inspire and encourage so enjoy creating something completely personal and we will make it real by inscribing it on the back of the pendant.

‘No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings’ – William Blake